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Make life : Inherit artisan fine 31070, service quality customers < br/> nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  Strive for the development of the bicycle industry

Wish : Create industry benchmark, establish a good image
nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  We are committed to becoming a trusted supplier to our customers

value view : innovation and development of efficient double 36194
nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  To provide customers with good products for employees to seek great welfare
nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  Create great value for the company and make great contributions to the society

Business philosophy : No one has my best
nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  There is no value without core technology and there is no super productivity without a great team

Employment philosophy : people-oriented, fair competition, brave responsibility, talent and both
nbsp; nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;    nbsp;  Have to I will reuse are training to use Is just not resolutely ߎ use

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